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Sea and storm

(And then she saw the sea.) The hunter has survived the long night at Helms Deep, and passed through the dead Paths to see the sun glint off the (absurdly … Continue reading

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A stark suit for the winter-lands

My hunter has been in the cold wastelands of Wildermore and found her woodland greens inappropriate (and not warm enough!). Here’s her get-up for the cold, now barren lands on … Continue reading

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Gwaewen: The winter knight

It seems a bit incongruous to call an outfit “winter” anything when it was created during the summer, but the title seems right to me, what with the stormy blue … Continue reading

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Springtime working wear

Aerynsol, the metalsmith, doesn’t go in for dresses or dainty clothes. Still, she swapped in some bolder colors to wear while she plies her trade in warmer days. (And she … Continue reading

2014.07.02 · 2 Comments