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red minstrel

Armour: Shoulders: Time-worn Shoulders, crimson Chest: Bear Hide Shirt, white Hands: Fingerless Gloves, grey Legs: Dolen-saviad, crimson Feet: Boots of the AnĂ³rien Tree, walnut brown Weapons: Main hand: Honed Blade … Continue reading

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Hunter in Ithilien

The elvish hunter has tired of looking like a Beorning and taken on a somewhat less dire look for the lush Ithilien woods. Armour: Head: Extravagant Festival Cap, umber Shoulders: … Continue reading

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Amroth champion

Armour: Head: Rune-maker’s Hat, white (skirm camp) Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the White Mountains, sea blue Back: Combative Cloak of Eomer, undyed Chest: Jacket of the Valleys, sea blue Hands: Reinforced … Continue reading

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Warden of sun

I have a new warden and couldn’t leave her in random lowbie garb, so I had a little fun with the Classic trader at the skirm camp. This is Magrith … Continue reading

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