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variations on a high-elven theme: warden

Armour: Head: Ceremonial Helm of the Gloom-bane, violet Shoulders: Vibrant Calenard War Pauldrons, default Chest: Elven Leather Jacket, umber Hands: Gauntlets of the Sea Reaver, umber Legs: Time-worn Trousers, umber … Continue reading

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green warden

Armour: Head: Raven Festival Mask, black Shoulders: Time-worn Shoulders, default Chest: Jacket of the Shadow-walker, olive Hands: Time-worn Bracers, default Legs: Time-worn Leggings, black Feet: Time-worn Boots, default Weapons: Main … Continue reading

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Warden of sable

Magrith’s other outfit, more fit for night and deep shadows. Head: Runemaker’s Hat, Rivendell green (skirm camp, Classic) Shoulders: Shoulders of the Hopeful Melody, black (skirm camp, Classic) Chest: Jacket … Continue reading

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Warden of sun

I have a new warden and couldn’t leave her in random lowbie garb, so I had a little fun with the Classic trader at the skirm camp. This is Magrith … Continue reading

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