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variations on a high-elven theme: runekeeper

Armour: Shoulders: Time-worn Shoulders, sienna Chest: Elven Leather Jacket, indigo Hands: Fingerless Gloves, grey Legs: Time-worn Trousers, umber Feet: Boots of the AnĂ³rien Tree, walnut brown Weapons: Main hand: Ember-stone … Continue reading

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simple rune-keeper garb

Armour: Shoulders: Time-worn Shoulders, default/washed Chest: Festive Azure Tunic & Trousers, walnut brown Weapons: Main hand: Ember-stone Side: Basic Rune-satchel of Dagor, olive

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Of the green

I decided to try out the Runekeeper class, and named the new character after a similar style of mage from another fantasy series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Cadsuane Melaidhrin … Continue reading

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