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Shadow of Fangorn

When my hunter reached level 95, I was able to make a few pieces of guild Fangorn armour, and I liked the way it looked with the cloak and boots … Continue reading

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A stark suit for the winter-lands

My hunter has been in the cold wastelands of Wildermore and found her woodland greens inappropriate (and not warm enough!). Here’s her get-up for the cold, now barren lands on … Continue reading

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Hunter: A strange mix

The Anniversary festival offered a nice but not dyeable cloak, which I decided to make a hunter’s outfit for. I also wanted to find a use for the vest from … Continue reading

2014.04.22 · 2 Comments

Hunter, modified: The Rangers’ friend

The shoulders on the first version of this outfit, as much as I like them, have some terrible clipping issues in the back. So, when the hunter parted ways with … Continue reading

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