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Jade eyes

Another new character. I would have called her something simple, like Jade, but that being taken, I named her Nephra, after the nephrite jade known as greenstone in New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Wearing a warning

I’ve been wanting to put purple to good effect with my champion, and I love the dragon-scale breastplate. It reminds me of how some seriously venomous creatures use bright & … Continue reading

2014.04.21 · 4 Comments

Miraear, the minstrel stylist

And here at last is the wardrobe herself. 😉 Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, washed (Lalia’s Market) Chest: Manatham, washed (epic quest reward; identical to Elven Campaigner’s Armour … Continue reading

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Hunter in the dark underground

Sneaking about the deep caverns of Moria called for darker gear. Head: Harvest-brew Hat, black (Harvestmath festival) Shoulders: Quicksilver’s Shoulder Pads, black (quest reward, Lone-lands; identical to some low-level tailored … Continue reading

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