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Festival wear iii: The white lady

Okay, she’s actually wearing turquoise and cream, but for some reason, this outfit on Gwaewen puts me in mind of Guinevere, whose name in Welsh can – I’ve read – … Continue reading

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Festival wear ii: The elegant

Calairiel may be the group’s cook, but she should still be able to dress well at festival time. She even had a barber do up her hair for this two-piece … Continue reading

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Festival wear i: The bard

Apologies for the poor screenshots – I didn’t have any good ones taken with Fraps before I changed the outfit again, and from the jaggies on these captures, it looks … Continue reading

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Wintry wear

Muiriol dressed in neutral colors and warm garb for the chill of Frostbluff at the Yule festival. Head: Shabby Stocking Hat, undyed (Yule festival quest reward) Back: Yule Hoodless Cloak, … Continue reading

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