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guardian in blue

Armour: Head: Rune-maker’s Hat, sea blue Shoulders: Vibrant Calenard War Pauldrons, default/washed Chest: Jacket of the Shadow-walker, sea blue Hands: Rider’s Studded Gauntlets, umber Legs: Quilted Leggings of Determination, default/washed … Continue reading

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captain of green fields

At some point after I picked up the High Elf class (and so got access to its starter gear), I decided to have a go at a new outfit for … Continue reading

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Jade eyes

Another new character. I would have called her something simple, like Jade, but that being taken, I named her Nephra, after the nephrite jade known as greenstone in New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Indigo mage

Armour: Head: Rune-maker’s Hat, indigo (skirm camp) Back: Vibrant Calenard War Pauldrons, indigo (T7 heavy crafted) Chest: Noble’s Woolen Robe, indigo (Dunland quest reward) Hands: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets, black … Continue reading

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