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A bright Beorning

With the Black Friday sales this weekend, I picked up a package that came with enough TP to grab the Beorning class, so I now have a flame-eyed shapeshifter named … Continue reading

2014.11.30 · 3 Comments

Springtime working wear

Aerynsol, the metalsmith, doesn’t go in for dresses or dainty clothes. Still, she swapped in some bolder colors to wear while she plies her trade in warmer days. (And she … Continue reading

2014.07.02 · 2 Comments

Miraear, the minstrel stylist

And here at last is the wardrobe herself. 😉 Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, washed (Lalia’s Market) Chest: Manatham, washed (epic quest reward; identical to Elven Campaigner’s Armour … Continue reading

2014.03.25 · Leave a comment

Arestelle, hunter of legends

Arestelle’s outfit had evolved further by the time she entered the staggering mines of Moria with a couple of brand-new legendary weapons. It still ‘feels’ much like the same outfit, … Continue reading

2014.03.20 · Leave a comment