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Indigo mage

Armour: Head: Rune-maker’s Hat, indigo (skirm camp) Back: Vibrant Calenard War Pauldrons, indigo (T7 heavy crafted) Chest: Noble’s Woolen Robe, indigo (Dunland quest reward) Hands: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets, black … Continue reading

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Warden of sable

Magrith’s other outfit, more fit for night and deep shadows. Head: Runemaker’s Hat, Rivendell green (skirm camp, Classic) Shoulders: Shoulders of the Hopeful Melody, black (skirm camp, Classic) Chest: Jacket … Continue reading

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Shadow of Fangorn

When my hunter reached level 95, I was able to make a few pieces of guild Fangorn armour, and I liked the way it looked with the cloak and boots … Continue reading

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Hunter in the dark underground

Sneaking about the deep caverns of Moria called for darker gear. Head: Harvest-brew Hat, black (Harvestmath festival) Shoulders: Quicksilver’s Shoulder Pads, black (quest reward, Lone-lands; identical to some low-level tailored … Continue reading

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