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A LotRO Cosmetic History

Servant of all

While I was trying a new class, I decided to create a character for each of the other two classes I haven’t played. This is a Loremaster who I wanted to name for another Aes Sedai, perhaps Myrelle Berengari, but with only 5 servers on a game that’s been around this long, names are hard to come by, and she is called Iadessea (Aes Sedai, backwards). The character Minaliul was generous enough to offer players a free pot of the special (costly) Sunset Orange dye, and I used it on my new favorite cosmetic. The dress is not only a nice cosmetic in its default color, it dyes quite well, too.

Head: Rune-maker’s Hat, orange (skirm camp)
Chest: Dress of the Anorien Autumn, sunset orange (Harvestmath)
Feet: Dirtied Work Boots (they don’t really show, so anything that doesn’t clip)

Main hand: Ornate Yew Staff, crafted

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