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A bright Beorning


solina01a solina01b

With the Black Friday sales this weekend, I picked up a package that came with enough TP to grab the Beorning class, so I now have a flame-eyed shapeshifter named Solina. She’s rather taken to orange to match her eyes and facial tattoo, and to the ostentatious patterns of some dwarven garb.

Head: Worn Hood, rust dye (Beorning starter gear)
Shoulders: Grimbeorn’s Shoulders, turquoise dye (Beorning intro)
Chest: Dwarf-make Shirt and Trousers, orange dye (Dwarf outfitter, Thorin’s Gate)

She has since, for questing, acquired a Flames of the Deep cloak, dyed turquoise, and Ceremonial Town-saver’s Shoulders, dyed rust. So I may update this post later to add images of those. But for roaming about town, I like this simple-but-busy combination.

solina01c solina01d

Edited: Here are screenshots of the variation. Forgot to mention I also re-dyed the Worn Hood burgundy for this version.

solina01h solina01i

solina01j solina01k

3 comments on “A bright Beorning

  1. gloredh

    really nice combination with the Flame of the deep cloak! 🙂


    • vyh

      Thank you! I love how the lines in that cloak glow, like embers 🙂


  2. Tom Torres

    looks really great


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