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The travelling noble


With new wardrobe space and an auction to see to, our minstrel Miraear donned the robes and mantle of a travelling noblewoman, all turquoise and rich brown, and paid a visit to the town of Bree.

(I do love those calenard pauldrons.)

Head: Extravagant Festival Cap, umber (Yule Festival)
Back: Vibrant Calenard War Pauldrons, washed (T7 heavy crafted)
Shoulders: Simbelmynë Cloak, umber (Spring Festival barter)
Chest: Noble’s Woolen Robe, turquoise (Dunland quest reward)
Hands: Rider’s Studded Gauntlets, umber (Nan Curunir quest reward)
Feet: Gardening Boots, sienna (Farmer’s Faire barter)


5 comments on “The travelling noble

  1. gloredh

    lovely colour scheme and mix of gear! the pauldrons are a nice way to blend the cloak with the robe 🙂


  2. tsuhelm

    I love the hat…did I say that I just love that hat! Come on Yule festival…er…


    • vyh

      It shows up on the auction hall not too uncommonly, at least on Elendilmir – that’s how I got mine, actually, because I wanted the nice-person title and the fingerless gloves from the last Yule fest.


      • tsuhelm

        will be checking out the AH then 🙂 THX 🙂


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