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Gwaewen: The winter knight


It seems a bit incongruous to call an outfit “winter” anything when it was created during the summer, but the title seems right to me, what with the stormy blue amid snowy white. Besides, it’s only summer in the northern hemisphere; far enough south winter should be getting underway, no?

Anyway, I like to think of Gwaewen, the guardian, as my white knight, so I try to keep a fair amount of white, silver, or cream in her outfits. This time, I got to play around with the newest dye color, Steel Blue, because I finally found a bit in the auction hall at a price that didn’t make my eyes pop. And what did I learn? We finally have a color that plays nice with the dark teal of mathom gear! (Also, I love the medium mathom-hunter shoulder guards. Asymmetric, hefty, with a flowing piece of cloth connecting the halves across the front. Interesting, and very nice.)


Head: (optional) Ión’s Helmet, steel blue (Moria quest reward)
Back: Dextrous Cloak of the Mark, undyed (T8 crafted)
Shoulders: Mathom-Hunter’s Shoulderpads, undyed (Hobbit present – medium armour)
Chest: Manatham, washed (epic quest reward)*
Hands: Rider’s Studded Gauntlets, washed (Gap of Rohan/Nan Curunir quest reward)
Legs: Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Leggings, steel blue (Dunland quest reward)
Feet: Woodsman’s Supple Boots, undyed (Dunland/Gap of Rohan quest reward)

* same appearance as L42 medium crafted Elven Campaigner’s Armour

Though Gwaewen usually goes without a helm, if she does don one with this outfit, it’ll be a steel blue Ión’s Helmet from Moria.


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