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Springtime working wear


Aerynsol, the metalsmith, doesn’t go in for dresses or dainty clothes. Still, she swapped in some bolder colors to wear while she plies her trade in warmer days. (And she got a hat. Hats are nice.)

Head: Wide-brimmed Spring Hat, undyed (Spring Festival barter)
Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, burgundy (Lalia’s Market)
Chest: Bear-Hide Shirt, washed (Trollshaws quest reward, starts with Perfect Bear-hide drop)*
Hands: Recruit’s Heavy Gauntlets of Adlan, undyed (skirmish camp)
Legs: Highwayman Leggings, burgundy (auction hall)
Feet: Gardening Boots, sienna (Farmer’s Faire barter)

* same appearance as Elven Cloth Shirt, available from an elven vendor in the elf & dwarf intro


2 comments on “Springtime working wear

  1. tsuhelm

    That spear/halberd looks a little incongruous otherwise I love it…especially the hat 🙂

    Spring and summer…puh…its winter in Argentina 😦


  2. vyh

    Yeah, I suppose it does – should’ve just unequipped it for the screenshots. Thanks 🙂


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