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The travelling noble

With new wardrobe space and an auction to see to, our minstrel Miraear donned the robes and mantle of a travelling noblewoman, all turquoise and rich brown, and paid a … Continue reading

2014.07.12 · 5 Comments

The captain, a craftsman

Here the captain has adopted garb with the sort of fine styling suited to a leader, but hardy and subtly colored to serve as practical metalsmithing gear when somebody needs … Continue reading

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Gwaewen: The winter knight

It seems a bit incongruous to call an outfit “winter” anything when it was created during the summer, but the title seems right to me, what with the stormy blue … Continue reading

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Springtime working wear

Aerynsol, the metalsmith, doesn’t go in for dresses or dainty clothes. Still, she swapped in some bolder colors to wear while she plies her trade in warmer days. (And she … Continue reading

2014.07.02 · 2 Comments