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Festival wear i: The bard


Apologies for the poor screenshots – I didn’t have any good ones taken with Fraps before I changed the outfit again, and from the jaggies on these captures, it looks like anti-aliasing was turned off.

At any rate, between the Anniversary and Spring Festivals in April and May, I picked up a number of new cosmetics – including the awesome Cloak of the Dove – and decided to make festival outfits for a few characters. They turned out to be quite simple, using only two or three pieces each, since the dresses hide any gloves, leggings, and boots anyway. This is Miraear’s.

Head: Extravagant Festival Hat, sienna (Yule Festival or auction hall)
Back: Cloak of the Dove, Ered Luin blue (Spring Festival gift box)
Chest: Exquisite Short-sleeved Dress, orange (Anniversary Festival gift box)

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