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Champion, modified: Spoils of Dunland


As you may have noticed, I tend to update my existing outfits as I find new gear that I like or decide on a color palette change. Muiriol got some cool shoulder guards down in the Dunbog, which include a so-far-unique collar piece. The gauntlets are also from the Dunbog, and they seem a little beefier that the earlier set. And she received a (literally) shiny cloak from a quest in the central area – from one of the Barnavon mine quests. Its color would blend pretty perfectly with the other pieces if I dyed it grey, and I may do that, but for now I prefer the way it glints in the light.

Head: Tactical Helm, orange (drop in Dimrill Dale)
Back: Cloak of the Boar Clan Warrior, undyed (quest reward, Dunland)
Shoulders: Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman, undyed (quest reward, Dunland)
Chest: Survivor’s Armour, undyed (epic quest reward)
Hands: Ornate Gauntlets of the Dunland Swordsman, undyed (quest reward, Dunland)
Legs: Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Leggings, orange (quest reward, Dunland)
Feet: Battered Dunlending Boots, undyed (quest reward, Dunland)


ETA: After running to a skirm camp to upgrade my skirmish traits, I took a gander at the cosmetic barterer’s offerings. As a result, Muiriol is wearing a new helm that feels appropriate for moving on from the Dunland towns to Rohirrim camps, even if it was originally an Angmar piece (Ceremonial Helm of the Gloom-bane, orange). I swapped the gauntlets while I was at it, because the ones above have a clipping issue (that orange ‘accent’ is actually the shirt showing through); so do these (Gauntlets of the Charging Stag, undyed, Dunland quest reward), but they do better at making it look intentional. And dyed the cloak grey, because darker suits a helm like that. That helm has fangs.


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  1. tsuhelm

    Good stuff 🙂

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