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Miraear, the minstrel stylist

And here at last is the wardrobe herself. 😉 Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, washed (Lalia’s Market) Chest: Manatham, washed (epic quest reward; identical to Elven Campaigner’s Armour … Continue reading

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The captain, dressed for quests

This is a modification of Aerynsol’s first outfit, switching the chest piece and adding shoulders, just to look a little more like campaigning armor than work clothes. Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders … Continue reading

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Aerynsol, armorer

Aerynsol is a human captain, in case I decide to try out a new class, but mainly she is a metalsmith, making armor for the champion. Her name is a … Continue reading

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Wintry wear

Muiriol dressed in neutral colors and warm garb for the chill of Frostbluff at the Yule festival. Head: Shabby Stocking Hat, undyed (Yule festival quest reward) Back: Yule Hoodless Cloak, … Continue reading

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