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A LotRO Cosmetic History

Sun in Dunland


With winter coming to an end, Muiriol entered Dunland and donned a suit of armor that blazes like sun breaking through the clouds.

Head: Tactical Helm, orange (drop in Dimrill Dale)
Back: Sergeant-at-Arms’ Cloak of Adlan, white (skirmish camp)
Shoulders: Burnished Dunlending Pauldrons, grey (quest reward, Dunland)
Chest: Survivor’s Armour, undyed (epic quest reward)
Hands: Burnished Dunlending Gauntlets, undyed (quest reward, Dunland)
Legs: Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Leggings, orange (quest reward, Dunland)
Feet: Battered Dunlending Boots, undyed (quest reward, Dunland)

I am finding that Dunland offers some great cosmetics as quest rewards (well, armor that looks great cosmetically); often the same appearance is available multiple times with different stats. I noticed at least some of them are reputation barter options, as well.


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