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A LotRO Cosmetic History

A shining champion


Head: Survivor of the Watcher, undyed (quest reward on the way in to Moria)
Shoulders: Sellsword’s Shoulder Guards, orange (L51 crafted)
Chest: Mathom-hunter’s Jacket, undyed (Hobbit present)
Hands: Mathom-hunter’s Gauntlets, undyed (Hobbit present)
Legs: Sellsword’s Leggings, orange (L51 heavy crafted)
Feet: Sellsowrd’s Boots, undyed (L51 heavy crafted)

Swapped out the shoulders with another Moria quest reward later, the Pauldrons of Brutal Onslaught, dyed orange.


And just a little bit later again, swapped the Watcher helm with this Tactical Helm, undyed, dropped from an orc in the Dimrill Dale. (Note: I’m fairly sure there is another helm with the same name but a very different appearance.)


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