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A LotRO Cosmetic History

Calairiel, deceptively simple


Calairiel joined the scene as a Tinker, so that I could make my own jewellery, as my characters’ equipment was often lacking in that aspect (and there are, after all, seven different jewellery equipment slots–that’s a lot to fill). She is also the resident cook and is a guild master at that – a handy thing with the unreliable supply of foodstuffs in the auction hall. She is an elf hunter, and dresses in simple, no-nonsense garb to suit (except, occasionally, for a festival).

She even blends in with her steed:


Shoulders: Superb Leather Shoulder Guards, undyed (L22 medium crafted)
Chest: Bear Hide Shirt, umber (quest reward – quest spawned by “Perfect Bear-Hide” drop from bears in Trollshaws; long-sleeved and sleeveless versions are either craftable [e.g., L22 light] or hunter starting gear)
Hands: Exquisite Leather Gloves, undyed (L20 medium crafted)
Legs: Elven Outrider’s Leggings, rust (L25 medium crafted)
Feet: Elven Leather Boots, olive (vendor, intro area)

If she goes out fighting, she dons a Flared Metal Helm, dyed olive (intro quest reward).


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