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A LotRO Cosmetic History

Arestelle, travelling scholar


Arestelle’s garb took a less hunterly turn when I picked up these wrap shoulders and delicate-seeming shirt. As with Muiriol, some pieces stayed the same, although they may have changed color, so the outfit evolved rather than starting new from scratch.

Head: Raven Festival Mask, burgundy (Harvestmath barter reward)
Shoulders: Quicksilver’s Shoulder Pads, burgundy (quest reward, Lone-lands; identical to some low-level crafted shoulders)
Back: Cloak of the Raven, burgundy (Harvestmath barter reward)
Chest: Shining Dwarf Padded Jacket, burgundy (drop, Lone-lands?; identical to L32 crafted Dwarf-make Explorer’s Armour)
Hands: Any of a number of basic low-level gloves, burgundy
Legs: Leggings of the Eglain, burgundy (quest reward, Ost Guruth; identical to some crafted leggings, like Sturdy Leather Leggings, L22)
Feet: Gardening Boots, sienna (Farmers’ Faire barter reward)

Before the Harvestmath festival, Arestelle wore nothing on her head and one of two cloaks – the Traveller’s Cloak from before, redyed sea blue, or this Cloak of Plenty from the Farmers’ Faire, washed.



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