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Muiriol the Explorer: Level -teen


With Arestelle set up as an Historian, I soon realized that it’s pretty difficult (i.e. much too expensive for a new player) to use and level the weaponsmith profession without the ability to mine metals oneself. Enter the Explorer: Muiriol, a human champion. She was my second character and vies with Arestelle for most-played (it is pretty fun to run straight into a group of enemies and shing-shing them to dust, after all, especially in contrast to skulking in the shadows and shooting them down one by one, though I like that too). Besides prospecting, she has foresting and tailoring skills that have come in very handy both for Arestelle’s armor and for accessing both light & medium armor pieces for their cosmetic appearance.

Above is a mix of low-level (15-20ish) drops, tailored pieces, and rewards from the Farmers’ Faire:

Head: Circlet of Fresh-picked Flowers, undyed (Farmers’ Faire)
Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards, burgundy (L12 crafted)
Back: Linen Cloak, dyed rust, I think (crafted, L16)
Chest: Leather Armour (regular, tough, heavy, or superb), burgundy (crafted)
Hands: Just some basic low-level gloves, burgundy
Legs: Quilted Leggings of Determination, Rivendell green (drops from Southrons near Bree; identical to L12 crafted Quilted Leggings)
Feet: Gardening Boots, sienna (Farmers’ Faire)


Minor changes – gloves are Hyacinth’s Gauntlets, burgundy, from a quest in the Shire, and the shoulders are the Shining Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards, burgundy (actual source unknown, but I believe the style is common at vendors).


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