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A LotRO Cosmetic History

Arestelle: 20-level gumbo


Sometime between Bree and the Lone-lands, Arestelle got a Mathom-hunter’s Jacket as a hobbit present, so swapped that in in place of the earlier dwarf-make shirt. The boots are from the Farmers’ Faire (Gardening Boots, sienna dye), cloak is another quest reward that’s also craft-able, circlet came from the gift box that new players receive on finishing the intro, and the shoulders are a basic low-level dwarf-make shoulder guard. It’s still rather a messy hodge-podge, but the Mathom armor looks better than a lot of what’s available at low levels (if only it could be dyed, or there were a dye that matched its color!).

Also, as you can see from the presence of the horse’s stats in the screenshot, I was not yet aware of the function of F12. My screencap skills have improved since then. Promise.


I swapped in the Leggings of the Eglain (gold dye, identical to some low-level crafted leggings) and a Fine Traveller’s Cloak (red dye, I believe) when I received those from a quest and a kinmate, respectively.


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