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A surprise hunterly turn

For once, the hunter has ‘decided’ to dress more like a hunter. I swapped out the leggings and boots and changed the dyes to a combination of earthy brown and … Continue reading

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Trying to blend in

Her white, minty green, and gold get-up made the hunter rather stand out in the hills and fields of northern Dunland. With a few handouts from the locals and some … Continue reading

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Sun in Dunland

With winter coming to an end, Muiriol entered Dunland and donned a suit of armor that blazes like sun breaking through the clouds. Head: Tactical Helm, orange (drop in Dimrill … Continue reading

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Cool green for spring

Arestelle is back above ground, and spring is near, so she lightened her look again. I was surprised by the minty green color of the leggings when washed, so I … Continue reading

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